Suetterlin Transcription Room

You have tried but cannot read your family’s treasures? Maybe our suetterlin transcription room can help you decode your old documents and letters from the basement or the attic.

Transcriptions of the old German handwriting Sütterlin are done in our orderly office by volunteers and other supporters. Your family heritage of letters, texts, notes, recipes, diaries, field postcards and letters from the front, any correspondence esteemed but illegible, will be transcribed by us into modern Latin-script.

Should you wish to submit your documents, please choose one of the following possibilities:

1.       Digital Copies
Scan your documents in high quality (at least 600 dpi and with high contrast) and send us your files via our contact form. For large files we recommend using which is free of charge and allows sending several files. Please address your files to

2.       Analogue Copies (Paper Copies)
Send in high quality paper copies without margins, blurs or folds. Please send your copies to our postal address:
AWO-Ortsverein Konstanz e. V.
Chérisystr. 15
78467 Konstanz

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form. Please note that we cannot be contacted by phone. Please do not phone any AWO contact numbers as staff cannot help with your queries.

Please donate for value

As a matter of principle our services are for free, however, we appreciate donations for our work. All proceeds are donated to our AWO charity projects (e.g. vision aid subsidies, work for senior citizens, etc.). Please consider that transcription needs time and devotion depending on the degree of complexity and the condition in which your documents reach us. We expect that our volunteers’ work on documentary material is mentioned in any source list if reference is made to the source in academic and/or scientific work.

Please accept that we must not transcribe official documents such as land registry documents, cadaster, birth certificates, genealogical tables, etc.